Classic Wide-Strap Sling Bag

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Unleash your inner creativity and make a bold statement in today’s fashion world with our Retro Classic Wide-Strap Sling Bag. These one-of-a-kind bags, featuring trendy patterns and innovative two-step magnetic locks, are currently taking the Gen Z fashion scene by storm. Crafted from eco-friendly, water-resistant, and anti-wrinkle PU material, these bags offer the perfect blend of style and sustainability to match your generation’s ethos.

Unconventional Shape and Magnetic Locks: Embrace the extraordinary with our unique-shaped sling bags. They’re not just bags; they’re wearable art. The innovative two-step magnetic locks add a futuristic touch to the retro design, reflecting your avant-garde taste and your ability to seamlessly blend the old with the new.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly PU: We take pride in offering eco-friendly fashion that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our bags are expertly crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly PU material. Not only does this choice support a sustainable lifestyle, but it also provides the benefits of water resistance and anti-wrinkle properties, ensuring your bag is both fashion-forward and functional.

Trendy Patterns: Stand out from the crowd with our bags’ trendy patterns that are at the forefront of Gen Z fashion. These patterns are all about expressing your individuality, your personality, and your love for art in every step you take.

Spacious Compartments and Chain Pocket: With two spacious compartments, our bags offer the perfect solution for keeping your essentials organized, whether you’re on a day trip or a night out. The added chain pocket provides a secure place for your valuables, while the broad strap belt ensures comfort during wear.

Fashion and Sustainability Meet: Our Retro, Designer, Unique Shaped Sling Bags embody the spirit of Gen Z fashion – a harmonious fusion of style and sustainable choices. Step into the world of eco-conscious, trend-setting fashion with an accessory that reflects your individuality and forward-thinking attitude. This bag is more than a fashion statement; it’s a movement.

Material – High Quality PU (Faux Leather)

Dimensions – 23x8x16 cm

Colors – Light Brown, Dark Brown, White



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Light Brown, Dark Brown, White, Coffee White, Coffee Brown


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